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Weight: 1400 lbs with driver
Horsepower: 850+
Engine: 410 cu. in. 
             Aluminum V-8
             Mechanical Fuel Injection
Fuel: Alcohol
Suspension: Torsion Bar
Wheel Base: 88½ inches
Wing: 25sq. ft top wing
Top Speed: 140 mph+

       Notable Races:
2009 I-35 Speedway
  Sprint 305 Winner
2009 Jackson Nationals
  Sprint 305 2nd Place
2010 Knoxville Raceway
  Sprint 305 Winner
2010 I-35 Speedway
  Sprint 305 Winner
2010 Jackson Nationals
  Sprint 305 2nd Place
2011 Cresco Speedway
  Sprint 305 Winner
2011 Jackson Nationals
  Sprint 305 3rd Place

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Austin Johnson Racing!

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05/10/2013   It's been a long off-season with a winter that has seemed to never end.  Mary and Austin were busy as ever prepping the equipment in the shop.  With a new car ready to go and last year's cars checked over and race prepped, both were comping at the bit after a disappointing end to last year's hard season...

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Austin Johnson has been involved with racing his entire life. His dad, Marty Johnson, owns the 81 sprint car that has raced all over the Midwest for over thirty years. Austin was raised in a racing family and has loved every minute of it. Ever since he was able to pick up wrenches he has put them to work on the family sprint car, always hoping to be behind the wheel of it one day. As he got older he transitioned from being on the family crew to doing what he loved as a job. First with John Sernett Motorsports, then with Sitzman Motorsports and also a short stint on the WoO tour with Karavan Dollansky Motorsports. During which, he always found time to work on the 81.  At the end of 2007 Austin packed his things and took a job opportunity outside Minneapolis for a new form of racing, roadracing.

He was the Lead Mechanic for the Derhaag Motorsports TransAM entry for three years traveling all across the country. During this time Austin realized his dream and finally convinced his dad to let him drive his sprint car after 25 years of trying. Prior to the 2009 race season, they built a 305 out of used parts from the 410 effort.  In this 305, they found immediate success, winning their fourth time out. In 2010, he realized another dream, finally finding victory lane at Knoxville Raceway in the 305 powered 81. In 2011, Austin saw another dream come to light with the chance to race Marty Johnson Racing's 410 effort against some of the best in the world at Knoxville Raceway. Austin now works as a Manufacturing Coordinator / Design Engineer for an emerging safety guarding company in Shakopee. In 2013, he will juggle his new job responsibilities with a race schedule that focuses on 410 racing around the Midwest, as well as a few 360 shows in the area.

We are excited to see success, as we try to build on the experiences learned last year! Austin currently lives in Shakopee, Minnesota with his beautiful wife Danielle. They married in 2009 and built a new home together outside the Twin Cities. They enjoy going to rock shows in the city, watching movies and having good times with their great friends. Danielle and Austin have two cats, Kylie and Lexi, and a dog named Bear. Danielle and Bear travel to every race in support of Austin. So, if you are able to make it to a race please be sure to make it down to the 81 pit. Austin, Danielle and Bear enjoy hearing from all the fans, after all he could have never seen his dream come true if it wasn't for them. Besides, he started out as a race fan!